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NewsPer & Konstantinos: exchanging vows in a fairytale-like landscape

Per & Konstantinos: exchanging vows in a fairytale-like landscape

After waiting for so long, the day has finally come! While we were looking for a great spot for the photo shoot of Per and Konstantinos, the idyllic setting of Papingo immediately stood out, making it quite clear that it was the perfect location for us.

The mountainous village of Papingo in Zagori is an amazing location. We fell in love with it from previous excursions, and photo shoots there. The awe-inspiring landscape, the imposing mountains, and the wild rock formations give you the feeling that you are part of a beautiful painting, an authentic piece of art.

When we visited Papingo this time, it was even more beautiful. The colors of the winter had transformed the landscape into something magical. The icy waters of the Voidomatis river, the frost, and the afternoon light glimmering in the snowcapped setting gave us the impression that we were part of a fairy tale.

The snowy mountains and the dramatic gray backdrop created the ultimate winter setting for our main photo shoot. Under the shade of the snow-capped peak of Astrakas, Avragonio resort was built of stone and wood. The traditional resort, with its unique architectural design and breathtaking views, was precisely what we were looking for.

We arrived a day earlier to explore the area and find the perfect spots for our photo shoot. After wandering around for a while, we discovered the small natural limestone pools of Papingo. The gray stones and the crystalline waters were the perfect background to highlight the colorful arch of flowers under which Per and Constantine would later exchange their vows.


As the sun disappeared behind the mountains, the cold became bitter. By the end of the day, the whole team had arrived at the picturesque village of Papingo, so we met at a cozy bar to drink a hot cup of chocolate and organize the next day’s photo shoot.

Pomponstory had brought beautiful, handmade scarves with the designs of Manusenia and the outfits for the photo shoot by the Dante company. At the same time, Lambros Archimandrites was showing us samples of the flowers he would use in his compositions the following day. I still remember how impressed everyone was with the textures, the patterns, and the colors for our photo shoot!

By the time we got back to the hotel, it was already dark. However, we felt it was still afternoon as the moonlight reflected off the snowcapped peaks giving off a magical glow. After taking some last photos, we went to bed in anticipation of the next day

You can enjoy the entire photo shoot here:

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