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Albatross Wedding Photography

A symbol of travel freedom and life devotion. That’s why we identify with Albatross. Because it entails everything that wedding photography is to us. As Albatross photographers, we travel to meet unique love stories, record them and narrate them. For us, photography is the freedom of expression and lifelong love.

This team is just incredible! Georgios and Apostolos have done everything from the beginning to make us feel so comfortable. They are an incredibly nice and warm team and it was so much fun with them. The pictures we have already seen we like incredibly well. We would book him again anytime. Thanks a million for your wonderful work guys. Kusses and hugs
No description would do justice to the amazing job they did at our wedding throughout the whole day/ night and the more than beyond perfect pictures they captured. The attention for details and the passion and love is visible in every picture and so are the photographers behind the lense - fantastic, passionated, lovely and always with a contagious smile on their faces Thanks again for capturing those amazing and unforgettable memories for a lifetime!

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Our blog is a place where we share the stories behind the lens, the places we've traveled to, and the moments we've captured. From breathtaking destinations to behind-the-scenes of our shoots, we invite you to be a part of our journey and get inspired to create your own unique love story.