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NewsDolomites: Photo shoot at 1,100 meters

Dolomites: Photo shoot at 1,100 meters

Are you in for a walk in the snowy alpine landscape?

We always wanted to visit the Dolomites, explore the stunning mountains, and capture its magnificence. So, it was finally time to meet and greet the imposing Dolomites. We arrived there two days before the photo shoot, so we got time to explore the area. We’ve driven long distances and one thing is for sure: the Dolomites were totally worth it.

It was January and as was expected the imposing mountains were covered in white. The enormous rocks with their sharp peaks are awe-inspiring and offer amazing sights to Italy. It was undoubtedly one of the strongest experiences of our trip when we took the cable car and found ourselves from 1,100 to 3,500 meters, at the top of Marmolada!

Scouting the area to find great corners and places to take some photos, we spotted from afar the imposing Tre Cime di Lavaredo, we toured the ski resorts and rode the cable car to enjoy panoramic views of endless snow-capped mountains. We took some amazing shots in Lake Valdaora and ended up at the magnificent (and quite popular) Lake Lago di Braies.
Before getting to sleep, we all felt amazed by all these breathtaking views and mesmerizing landscapes.

The next day, Valentina and Marco were waiting for us near Passo Giau trail. The couple indeed chose one of the most beautiful trails. 

However, it’s also one of the most difficult hiking trails in Dolomites and Albatross couldn’t have done differently than accepting the challenge without a second thought.

It was afternoon already; it was bitter cold weather, and the landscape was covered with snow. The rock that rises above Passo Giau is magnificent! Although we have seen it several times in photos, what we felt when we were standing in front of this enchanting landscape is still hard to describe!

Only then did we understand why Valentina and Marco chose this spot for the photo shoot. In the emails we exchanged before our meeting, Marco and Valentina shared with us why the Dolomites are so important to them as this is the place they met for the first time.

Hikers and nature lovers often arrange excursions to the Dolomites. The couple met on one of these hiking trips. Now, 2 years later, we were all together for a special photo shoot just before their wedding.

As much as we love the challenges, after a few hours and another wonderful photographic experience, we had to say goodbye to the Dolomites.
But before we got to Milan, we took the opportunity to explore Cremona, the capital of the violin. Passing through the picturesque galleries and the stone-paved alleys of Cremona, we saw many workshops where string instruments are made, especially violins.

Before visiting the city, we knew that Cremona has a tradition of making violins. What we did not know was that the famous Stradivarius violins were made there by Antonio Stradivari, known as the teacher of Cremona. However, one of the best memories of this trip is the image of a craftsman who patiently, almost reverently was carving the wooden violin in his workshop.

On every journey we take, we’re always looking for extraordinary places and new enchanting landscapes and it is our pleasure to share them with you! So, what are you saying, next time we go together?

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